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Alexander Manu and Greg Wells: the future of human and organisational potential


Hard to grasp, yet the rate of the current possibility is faster than the rate of our imagination. Alexander Manu


In June 2017 Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw will become a hub for leaders and leadership experts focused on developing innovative, agile and vibrant enterprises.

Agility by Design is a summit for inspiring and inspired market leaders. By joining the event you will become part of the global community of new generation thinkers, disruptors, and entrepreneurs, who focus on making a positive impact in today’s challenging and highly volatile market environment.


In high performance business situations, the human mind and body have to work together for ultimate results. Greg Wells



WHAT is it about?
Agility by design will help you re-examine your purpose, become more creative, look further, see opportunities where others perceive mainly challenges, optimise your use of power and authority, develop self-awareness and the understanding of individual and organisational potential, empower your organisation towards its purpose and increase your resilience under challenging situations. It will provide you with an opportunity to rethink your vision, values, purpose and performance. Most of all, the event will direct you towards new levels of performance by helping you become a more energetic, focused, healthier and happier individual. It is a hub for those who prefer to meet their future with a smile.
By joining the event you will become part of the global community of new generation thinkers, innovators, and entrepreneurs.
What will happen:

Day 1 will take you to the future of your organization.

The innovation guru Alexander Manu will challenge your imagination with a disruptive keynote on transforming your organization by fully embracing today's possibility. You will be inspired to push the boundaries of your imagination...

Kama Kaczmarczyk from Scotiabank represents the next generation of organizational leaders and she will invite you to unlock your creativity in strategy design...

Design as a strategy will be discussed further in a compelling Q&A session with Alexander Manu...

Marek Hyla and Anna Kowalska Guimaraes from Accenture will challenge you by explaining the impact of the new workforce of the future: the artificial intelligence - all you must know to prepare...
Wim Barendegt and Hugo Bakkenist help you understand the essence of a startup culture. You will learn how to unleash start-up culture in your company...
Day 2 - you will focus on designing your own mindset of health, prosperity, and well-being. You will be able to reexamine your purpose and priorities - what really serves you and makes your personal and professional life more fulfilling...
In his 4 hour seminar, Dr. Greg Wells will show you how understanding the science behind world-class athletes can improve performance and health of people in the business world. You will understand the potential of New Mindsets. You will leave this session inspired to live healthier and happier life...

Tom Johansen will share his story of stress related collapse and his path of overcoming major breakdown and redesigning his brain capability to function and serve him well...

Kevin Snook will share with you his path and proven methodology to develop to a life of purpose, priorities, and fulfillment...
Paweł Motyl will explain how to make decisions in accordance with the new paradigm... 
Susanne Mueller, Paweł Motyl and Kevin Snook will discuss triggers that may inhibit your team's development - based on Marshall Goldsmith's research...

Prab Hankok will take you through the range of practical exercises designed to improve you physical and psychological wellbeing...
Day 3 will provide you with tools and ideas on how to create and develop an agile and innovative organization.

Kevin Snook - the author of "Making it Right" - will inspire you by sharing his vast experience in empowering teams and creating results-focused organizations...

We will look at a range of new tools and concepts for designing healthy and agile teams:

Stewart Desson will help you understand better your team's potential with new generation psychometrics - Lumina Spark...
Tomasz Janiak and Anna Gabryjelska-Basiuk will present a case study of Action Learning applied to stimulate team performance and cooperation...
Martin Addison will talk about the power of humour and comedy in shaping positive behaviours...

Prab Handkok will present methods od designing a healthy and agile team by taking care of their health and physical wellbeing... 

Anna-Maria Pépin-Fährrolfes will explain the new results-focused approach to managing organizational health and safety...

You will participate in a variety of practical exercises which will help you develop energizing organizational culture.
HOW will you participate?
Agility by Design will be delivered as an intensive workshop and you will actively participate in the event. Masterclasses will include keynotes, Q&A’s, questionnaires, group exercises and panel discussions. The participants will be able to re-evaluate their approach to strategic foresight, power, performance, intelligence, empowerment, psycho-engineering, mindfulness, and the science of happiness.
WHY is it important?
For the first time in history, the speed of change is faster than our ability to absorb and adapt to it. The direction we chose as humanity is no longer sustainable. It is time to reconsider the way we live, learn, work, think and relate to each other. The future depends largely on our approach to designing and managing business enterprises: creating a more agile, innovative, humane, healthier and happier work environment.
WHO should attend?
Agility by Design is an personal and professional development programme for corporate leaders and progressive entrepreneurs who choose to play an active role in transforming markets and creating more agile and sustainable enterprises.
WHAT are the main topics?
Agility by Design focuses over three days on three areas of leadership:
Day 1. Agile vision and strategic foresight – AI, Future, Culture, Purpose, Innovation, Disruption, Redefining, Design thinking 
Day 2. Designing agile teams – Performance, Personality, Power Intelligence, Empowerment, Engagement, Cooperation, Culture, Action Learning
Day 3. Personal agility – Brain Science, Mind, Body, Mindfulness, Meditation, Performance, Focus, Resilience, Overcoming, Achieving, Appreciating.
WHO inspired us?
We are inspired by today's most recognized innovation, leadership, and human potential experts: Richard Branson, Marshall Goldsmith, Tony Hsieh, Alexander Manu, Robin Sharma, Simon Sinek and Greg Wells...
Alexander Manu and Greg Wells will be with us personally. Marshall Goldsmith will be represented by Pawel Motyl. Robin Sharma will be represented by members of the Titan and LWT Groups. As for Sir Richard Branson - his spirit will definitely be present!
For those who prefer to meet their future with a smile.
P.S. This is the exact moment when the idea of this event - Agility by Design - was born: "Screw it. Let's do it, Sir Richard! Just love what you are doing and I am going to focus on promoting your philosophy of business. In ECE and beyond." Our smiles and hands met in his signature cheeky style and from this moment I knew I was going to do whatever it takes to disrupt the ordinary - built on human labor - for the extraordinary, built on the human spirit of creativity and joy.
A concept born out of inspiration, empowered by a worthy purpose and implemented with plenty of consistent work - understanding that the limits of possibility are set largely by our imagination.
Screw it - Let's do it.
Because the impossible is simply unexplored!
With gratitude 
Joanna Kalkstein

The most extraordinary, future focused corporate event ever hosted in the ECE Region.   

The most extraordinary, future focused corporate event ever hosted in the ECE Region.   






Starting from Scratch: The Future as your Choice


The transformation at hand starts with the strategic question: if you were designing your organization today how would you design it? This means Starting from Scratch; it means the ability and agility to create the future from the ingredients of the present alone. In this context the future is not an imagined destination years down the road, but simply a symbolic placeholder for an environment that is unlike the environment around us today. This means designing life on Earth at the level of the possibility that surrounds us, and not at the level of our inherited capability.  

Provocative author, speaker and leading practitioner in the field of strategic foresight, Alexander Manu surveys the fast changing context for organizations in market spaces where online behavior is replacing physical proximity. While Change affects the condition of something in relation to a previous condition, Transformation affects the nature of something, the very structure and working mechanisms of an activity, as well as its relationship to everything around. This is the major provocation of the future, the transformation of all relationships, and how it will affect society, business, culture and consumption models.

In a rapidly changing business environment, you will need more imagination than facts. Alexander Manu

Manu proposes that we have two clear choices when it comes to our treatment of the future: Choice number one is to stay in the present and let the future flow towards you. Choice number two is to design your path to where the future is, and purposefully claim it as YOUR future. The future is not a Forecast; the future is a Foresight.








Design Thinking and Creative Confidence

In the Agile World


How we empower our tools and how our tools empower us? A compelling, insightful and nurturing narrative looking into the power of unlocking creativity. Being the driving force behind the most successful companies in the world we know today and capability of their leaders, Design Thinking is like a muscle: you can either make it stronger and more agile, or you can stop working on it and experience a full loss. Born to flip the coin and cultivate our inner passions to transform the world, we all see the design manifestations of human legacy all around us, yet, we’re missing the methodology and toolkit to be able to recognize the patterns and stories behind them. Humans seek experiences that are empowering, that are meaningful, that foster a growth state of mind giving it rhyme, rhythm and melody to life - the high art.

We cannot just plunge into the future – we must design it. Alexander Manu

Design Thinking and Creative Confidence is a to-go-to uncommon knowledge of removing blocks that lead to opening your heart, mind, and will, to create a new environment of symbiosis. It bonds the old strategies and the upcoming forces meeting our deep experiences and latent desires. It puts things together to deliver a desired value. Design opens us to sharing senses in high fidelity and more profound ways. The storytelling experience of the concept of 5 faces of innovation will unleash the power of creative confidence and design methodology: designing from the inside out as a source of social and organizational change.



Marek Hyla

Anna Kowalska Guimaraes



Agility meets fragility: how AI will impact the way we work?


In the next few years a global job market will open to the new workforce of the future: AI and robots. From being just tools they will quickly become our co-workers and, eventually, they will be the managers of the future. By augmenting our intelligence with AI we have the potential to help our civilization prosper like never before (e.g. the promise of Quantum Artificial Intelligence could harness AI for advanced cures in medicine).

Are we yet prepared to cope with positive and negative impact of this evolving technology? How to enable new generations to reach new levels of possibilities, like redesigning the work-life balance, with humans enjoying a life of leisure and machine-produced wealth?

The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself. Peter Diamandi








Unleash the innovation potential of your organisation!

The world is changing rapidly. As an organisation, the only way to keep delivering value to your customers is to continuously adapt and innovate. In 'A Day In The Life of a Startup', teams from your organisation learn how to work in an innovative way in a single day. Teams learn practical tools which they can use to innovate in their own organisation.Unleash the innovation potential of your organisation! How? By experiencing what it's like to innovate like a startup for a day. Your team learns, using a serious game, how to get from idea to new business model in a single day.

Innovation can be done in a different way. Must be done in a different way. What can we learn from successful startups? How can we use these lessons in existing organisations?

'A day in the life of a startup' is a serious game, in which entrepreneurial employees form a startup for a single day based on an idea for a new product or new service. During the day, the team will work with our practical innovation method to transform the idea into a usable business model for your organisation. The serious game method is not only makes it more fun, it makes sure that the team learns to think and act like a real startup.






Make It Right: leading does not need to difficult!



For individuals character is destiny. For organizations culture is destiny. Tony Hsieh

Leading a company is leading people, and every person is different every day. It's therefore important to inspire rather than motivate, to create leaders rather than employees and to recognize rather than just reward. Kevin's approach to business leadership is practical, personal and highly effective.

Make It Right shows you how to simply align your business to ensure that:

·      Your employees work on the basics every day, without being monitored, to guarantee consistent product quality.

·      You can step back from day to day management of issues and focus on growing the business.

·      Any potential issues are exposed early, so they can be effectively resolved, with no surprises.

·      A highly-engaged team of employees greets you with genuine enthusiasm and improvement suggestions each time you visit.

·      Your world-class business practices are a source of pride that customers, suppliers, and people in the local community want to learn about. 

Make It Right’s message is clear: Leading a highly successful company can be simple, enjoyable, and thoroughly rewarding – if you align the process from the frontline to the bottom line.






Paradigm Shift in Leadership: Making Better Decisions in a World Gone Crazy


Paweł Motyl is amongst the elite group of human beings who had the opportunity to learn directly from Marshall Goldsmith - one of the world’s most accomplished and in-demand executive coaches. With a client list that is a who’s who of the highest level global CEOs, Marshall Goldsmith is very selective in choosing clients and even more selective in choosing his associates.

Successful people become great leaders when they learn to shift the focus from themselves to others. Marshall Goldsmith

Marshall’s coaching process is unique.  He only gets paid after his clients get better!  “Better” is not defined by Marshall or by his individual clients.  “Better” means measurable positive change in pre-selected leadership behaviors as determined by pre-selected key stakeholders. 

In this Masterclass Paweł Motyl will share with us the lessons learnt from the worlds no 1 coach and will explain what makes Marshall Goldsmith’s approach to executive development so effective.







Behaviour-driven team design.


If you’ve been looking for a tool for: improving collaboration, reducing conflict, building effective teams for projects... Lumina Spark is the next generation in personality tests for your personal and professional development. Lumina Spark supports individuals, teams and organizations to gain greater self-awareness, improve communication, teamwork and leadership skills at work and home!

The intention of Lumina approach is to raise self‐awareness and help teams and individuals understand their behaviours. You can use this knowledge to become more effective at making things happen and to improve your communication with others. At the heart of this approach is a questionnaire which measures different aspects of behaviour.






The Corporate Olympian: peak performance secrets for business leaders


Be Better - sleep better, eat better, move better, think better, perform better. Because in high performance business situations, the human mind and body have to work together for ultimate results. Greg Wells

The Corporate Olympian Peak performance secrets for business leaders Dr. Greg Wells, a scientist who specializes in extreme human physiology, draws the parallels between elite athletes and top executives to help business leaders perform at the highest level, even when under the most extreme circumstances. In this presentation Dr. Greg Wells shows the audience how the science behind world-class athletes can improve the performance and health of people in the business world. Olympic athletes train and compete at the highest levels on a consistent basis over many years. They face the pressures and stresses of setbacks, change, travel, competition, and performance on demand, and still find a way to excel. These are the same challenges that are faced by business people, and the tools and techniques that Olympians use can be applied by anyone at any time to ensure success.

Our faculty


Change happens through the power of communities. Richard Branson

You are looking at a community of people who dedicated their time in support of education in Africa. These individuals are the human potential experts committed to improving, innovating and energising organisations around the world and thus influencing better future for all. They will travel from all over the world to help you design new mindsets for your organisations, your team and for your own future. 

Julie Diamond, Steward Desson, Marek Hyla, Alexander Manu, Paweł Motyl, Tatiana Oszmiańska, Kevin Snook, Greg Wells,  and many more amazing corporate development experts will join forces to create together the most extraordinary event ever held in the ECE region. 

Peter Drucker, said, “Our mission in life should be to make a positive difference, not to prove how smart or right we are." And that's exactly what we are here for.

Alexander Manu - CANADA

Tatiana Oszmiańska - POLAND

Marek Hyla - POLAND

Anna Kowalska Guimaraes - POLAND

Dr. Greg Wells - CANADA

Paweł Motyl - POLAND

Kevin Snook - THAILAND

Hugo Bakkenist - NETHERLANDS

Kama Kaczmarczyk - CANADA

Stewart Desson - UK

Tomasz Janiak - POLAND

Modupe Adeyemo - NIGERIA

Tom Johansen - DENMARK

Prab Chandhok - UK

Martin Addison - UK

Susanne Mueller - USA

Anna-Maria Pépin-Fährrolfes SWITZERLAND

Anna Gabryjelska-Basiuk POLAND

Our purpose

If you aren’t making a difference in other people’s lives you shouldn’t be in business – it’s that simple - Richard Branson

Our project carries three distinctive goals:
1. sharing the latest research and ideas focused on creating healthier, happier, more engaging, more innovative and thus more profitable organizations
2. encouraging the participants to embrace healthier and more fulfilling life habits thus improving their levels of energy, personal performance, and happiness
3. providing education and help for children in Nigeria and making this contribution the essential part of life fulfilled and meaningful.
All profits from this event will be committed to providing food, clothing, and education to a group of children from Lagos, Nigeria. Yes, we will focus on your organization and your well-being. We will also donate the profits from this event to children in Africa, so we can all experience Energy and Agility which come from contribution and sharing resources. As Sir Richard Branson noted: “If you aren’t making a difference in other people’s lives you shouldn’t be in business – it’s that simple”.
If you are a Visionary Entrepreneur or a Progressive Corporate Executive who prefers to be surrounded by inspiring concepts, positive people and good, creative energy – BE THERE!





Agility by Design is a hub for progressive entrepreneurs, top corporate executives and talented high potentials who are passionate about creating innovative organisations and living a life of purpose and achievement.

view ticket options

A limited number of seats is still available for those wishing to join us:


Individual tickets/early bird - strictly till May 15th - 6350 PLN

Individual tickets - 7500 PLN

Platinum Pass - 9900 PLN (includes preferential sitting and dinner with the faculty)

Corporate passes for three - 16800 PLN

Corporate tables for eight - 45500 PLN

Day 1. Agile vision and strategic foresight - 2900 PLN

Day 2. Designing agile teams - 2900 PLN

Day 3. Personal agility - 2900 PLN


The price includes:

3 full day seminars, Books, Lumina Spark Portraits, Lunches and coffee breaks 

Please note that this is an intensive bootcamp style seminar:

Day 1 8.30am – 6.30pm

Day 2   8.30am – 6.30pm

Day 3  7.30am – 4.30pm


Prices are exclusive of VAT. Our ticket purchases are handled by Kalkstein Pty Ltd.


Please contact us:

All profits from this event will go towards sponsoring education of children in Lagos, Nigeria. Your personal and professional gain and your contribution towards educating a community of children in Africa.


Additional workshops:
27/06/2017 FUTUREPROOFING 1.0 FOR FIN & IT – with ALEXANDER MANU – Canada
For program & prices:

Inspiring City
and Venue


The first edition of the Agility by Design - Organisational Mindset Design Days - will be held in the inspiring city of Warsaw - the place well known for its history, spirit of overcoming and creativity.

The event will be hosted close to the Old Town in the beautiful The Copernicus Science Centre. It is situated on Vistula River bank very close
to Warsaw’s Old Town. Should you travel to Warsaw to join us, you will have a large selection of hotels close to this venue to choose from.

copernicus sciene centre