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Transforming your business and transforming lives of children in Africa

In June 2017 The Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw will become a hub for leaders and leadership experts focused on developing innovative, agile and vibrant enterprises. Agility by Design is a summit for inspiring and inspired market leaders. By joining the event you will become part of the global community of new generation thinkers, disruptors, and entrepreneurs, who focus on making a positive impact in today’s challenging and highly volatile market environment.

What you think today will shape your tomorrow – choose your thoughts carefully.

Why is this event extraordinary? We want you to leave this event inspired to create positive changes in your life and in your work. We will focus on giving you practical tools for bringing new energy to your work environment. We want your team and your family to be asking you to do it again because it made you a better person. We will do a good job when your workplace will change for the better because of those two days.


If you are a Visionary Entrepreneur or a Progressive Corporate Executive who prefers to be surrounded by inspiring concepts, positive people and good, creative energy – BE THERE!


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Who are we?

Four entrepreneurial women running their own separate enterprises on three different continents join forces to follow their purpose: creating more energised and innovative organisations and improving lives of children in Africa. 

WHAT is it about?
Agility by design looks at the latest themes and concepts in organisational design. We will examine tools and ideas related to transforming a traditional company into a vibrant and creative hub for innovation and purpose focused cooperation.
By joining the event you will become part of the global community of new generation thinkers, innovators, and entrepreneurs. 
HOW will you participate?

Agility by Design will be delivered as an intensive workshop and you will actively participate in the event. Masterclasses will include keynotes, Q&A’s, questionnaires, group exercises and panel discussions.

WHY is it important?

For the first time in history, the speed of change is faster than our ability to absorb and adapt to it. The direction we chose as humanity is no longer sustainable. It is time to reconsider the way we live, learn, work, think and relate to each other. The future depends largely on our approach to designing and managing business enterprises: creating a more agile, innovative, humane, healthier and happier work environment.

WHO should attend?

Agility by Design is an personal and professional development programme for corporate leaders, HR professionals, business consultants and progressive entrepreneurs who choose to play an active role in transforming markets and creating more agile and sustainable enterprises.

The programme

AbD is designed to inform, energise and inspire. You will be seated at a round table to network and share ideas. Workshops, Q&A sessions, TED like presentations, short inspirations and even physical exercises will keep you alert, involved and energised.

Day 1

8.30am – 9.00am Health Bar

9.00am – 11.00pm

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Transformative Leadership with Perry Timms
  • Creation of a learning environment for present and future workplace with Marta Michalska
  • Visiting the world of AI: “Agility meets Fragility” with Marek Hyla and Anna Kowalska Guimares

11.00am – 11.30am Health bar

11.30am – 1.00pm

  • Team empowerment, health, meditation and living a world class life -
    a compelling journey into a new way thinking, living and achieving with Kevin Snook

1.00am – 2.00pm Health bar

2.00pm – 3.00pm

  • Susanne Mueller in “Take it from an Iron Woman: Lessons in developing mental and physical excellence and resilience”

3.00pm – 3.30pm Health bar

3.30pm – 6.00pm

  • Hugo Bakkenist: “A day in the life of a start-up”
  • Stewart Desson on “Mindset engineering and new generation tools for improved team synergy”


Day 2

8.30am – 9.00am Health Bar

9.00am – 11.20pm

  • Martin Addison - Lessons in overcoming fast changing market realities
  • Paweł Motyl: The new paradigm of decision making
  • Conversations with Marshall Goldsmith:  Kevin Snook, Susanne Mueller and Paweł Motyl in discussion on Marshall Goldsmith’s’s latest book “Triggers”

11.20am – 11.50am Health Bar

11.50am – 1.00pm

  • Tom Johansen and his inspiring journey of overcoming
  • Prab Chandhok on fitness, health and new mindset in his session
    “Wellbeing in motion, habits of a lifetime”

1.00pm – 2.00pm Health bar

2.00pm – 3.00pm

  • Anna Gabryjelska- Basiuk and Tomasz Janiak on “Creative, energised and collaborative teams” with Action Learning

3.00pm – 3.30pm Health bar

3.30pm – 5.00pm

  • Tatiana Oszmiańska on life of balance and wellbeing
  • Action planning with Kevin Snook

WHO inspired us?

We are inspired by today's most recognized innovation, leadership, and human potential experts: Richard Branson, Marshall Goldsmith, Tony Hsieh, Alexander Manu, Robin Sharma, Simon Sinek and Greg Wells...

Alexander Manu and Greg Wells will be with us personally. Marshall Goldsmith will be represented by Pawel Motyl. Robin Sharma will be represented by members of the Titan and LWT Groups. As for Sir Richard Branson - his spirit will definitely be present!

P.S. This is the exact moment when the idea of this event - Agility by Design - was born: "Screw it. Let's do it, Sir Richard! Just love what you are doing and I am going to focus on promoting your philosophy of business. In ECE and beyond." 
A concept born out of inspiration, empowered by a worthy purpose and implemented with plenty of consistent work - understanding that the limits of possibility are set largely by our imagination.
Screw it - Let's do it.
Because the impossible is simply unexplored!
With gratitude 
Joanna Kalkstein
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The most extraordinary, future focused corporate event ever hosted in the ECE Region.   

The most extraordinary, future focused corporate event ever hosted in the ECE Region.   

Our faculty


Change happens through the power of communities. Richard Branson

You are looking at a community of people who dedicated their time in support of education in Africa. These individuals are the human potential experts committed to improving, innovating and energising organisations around the world and thus influencing better future for all. They will travel from all over the world to help you design new mindsets for your organisations, your team and for your own future. Peter Drucker: “Our mission in life should be to make a positive difference, not to prove how smart or right we are." And that's exactly what we are here for.

Prab Chandhok - UK

Tatiana Oszmiańska - POLAND

Kevin Snook - THAILAND

Joanna Kalkstein - AUSTRALIA

Paweł Motyl - POLAND

Marta Machalska - POLAND

Susanne Mueller - USA

Marek Hyla - POLAND

Hugo Bakkenist - NETHERLANDS

Martin Addison - UK

Stewart Desson - UK

Perry Timms - UK

Anna Kowalska Guimaraes - POLAND

Tomasz Janiak - POLAND

Modupe Adeyemo - NIGERIA

Anna Gabryjelska-Basiuk POLAND

Tom Johansen - DENMARK

Our purpose

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Three years ago, in Toronto, attending a course by Robin Sharma, I met an inspiring woman from Nigeria: Modupe Adeyemo . Soon after that Modupe gave up her full-time corporate job to care for some of the poorest children in her city of Lagos.

This project is designed to help Modupe. Our faculty - a group of brilliant experts in new thought leadership and personal development is donating their time to come to Warsaw and support the good cause. All profits will go directly to our children and Modupe personally will make sure no money is wasted. Photos of every child sponsored will be posted on our website ad you will be invited to follow their progress. Beautiful cause and all this in the context of improving your organisation.


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Agility by Design is the first module of the outstanding Leadership series:

Part 1 Agility by Design June 2017
Creating vibrant and more innovative organisations with peak performance practitioners

Individual tickets/early bird - (ends 30 days before due date) - 2400 PLN

Individual tickets - 2900 PLN


Part 2 November 2017
Dreaming big and peak performance secrets with Dr Greg Wells

Individual tickets/early bird - (ends 30 days before due date) - 2400 PLN

Individual tickets - 2900 PLN


Part 3 GoGuru! December 2017
Strategic foresight and future as your choice with Alexander Manu

Individual tickets/early bird - (ends 30 days before due date) - 2400 PLN

Individual tickets - 2900 PLN


Please note that this is an intensive bootcamp style seminar:

Day 1  8.30am – 6.00pm

Day 2  8.30am – 5.00pm

Simultaneous translation will be provided. 

Prices are exclusive of VAT. Our ticket purchases are handled by Kalkstein Pty Ltd.


For more information please contact AbD Ambassador: 

Tatiana Oszmiańska 

phone: +48 609 129 891

All profits from this event will go towards sponsoring education of children in Lagos, Nigeria. Your personal and professional gain and your contribution towards educating a community of children in Africa.

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Inspiring City
and Venue


The first edition of the Agility by Design - Organisational Mindset Design Days - will be held in the inspiring city of Warsaw - the place well known for its history, spirit of overcoming and creativity.

copernicus sciene centre